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What is Bible Journaling?


What is Bible Journaling?  I’m glad you asked.

Basically, it is illustrating your faith in God’s word-The Holy Bible, in any way you wish to creatively express your love for Him.

A few years ago I came across a Facebook page called Illustrated Faith.  I immediately fell in love with this form of “art worship.”  I found Shanna Noel’s blog here.  (Grab a cup and go and search Bible Journaling on her sight and read every article)  She did amazing things with her Journaling Bible to bring the word alive.  I was mesmerized.  I was hooked.

She is an amazing scrapbooker and took that level of skill straight to what she was hearing and learning about the word God.

I quickly joined Shanna’s group on Facebook.  People started joining this group from all over the world.  They were sharing their beautiful pages and inspirations in our group.  We watched the group swell to thousands in just a matter of months.  Now that’s a God thing, don’t you think?

On any given day you will see the beauty of a simple page with hand lettering or a portrait of Esther or the disciples.  You will see Washi tape pages, stickers, stick on alphabet or calligraphy, stencils, stamps, spray, splatters, watercolor renditions, ….the point is that everyone is expressing their journaling in the method where they are comfortable.

Recently I was preparing to teach a Bible Journaling class and I felt impressed to tell the students….

Bible Journaling is not about the Art, it is about the Heart! 

There are many methods to use: Journaling Bibles (all forms & fonts), Mixed Media Journals (my personal preference), Watercolor Journals, vintage ledgers, Bibles or hymnbooks, just to name a few.

I will cover those more extensively later.  But do your research before you buy your first Journaling Bible.  Some have small print.  The good news is that I hear there are several bigger ones coming out in September 2016.


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