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Photography Tip – Clone Stamp Tool

Okay, so you have the baby (or child) all cute and posed, happy, cooperating… then you see it…that raveled thread dangling from the blanket.  It’s just a thread, right? Or in this case two threads of yarn dangling like a trapeze rope at a circus.

So you just want to get the shot, and rather than grab a pair of scissors,  and you think, “Oh I’ll just fix that in Photoshop.”   Well I think that sometimes and here’s my tip… Don’t! Don’t even think it.  Oh I know you did, you thought it, so if you did here’s a quick trick to clean it up:

Use the the trusty Clone  Stamp Tool comes in!  Love the Clone Stamp Tool.

Here’s the before and after:




You will find the Clone Stamp on the left of your screen in Photoshop Elements
It will look like this:


So all you do is click on the Clone Stamp tool.  At the top I usually choose a soft round brush at 300 pixels.  Then find that thread. Close to the thread, in this case on the wooden slat, choose an area of color and texture that you can use to clone over the thread.

1.  Hold alt, click to choose the space that you want to clone stamp over the thread.  When you click you     will see a circle with cross hairs.  That means you have chosen a spot to use to clone over the thread.

2.  Now move over the thread and click or Stamp….easy

So it is this simple

Alt, Click, Move, Click


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