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Paul & Sam Freeman, Zanzibar

Paul and Sam Freeman are the cutest, sweetest couple.  They are great friends to our son and his wife. It was such fun to be with Paul and Sam.

They were both raised in the Midland/Odessa area and now live in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Yes, they live on an island.  Google it!

So it was fun to catch up with them while they are in the states.  They are great adventurers!  After learning Swahili they now teach English at the Aslan Adult Education Center on the island of Zanzibar. They are so dedicated and faithful.

Larry asked them what was their favorite part of their time in Zanzibar.  Sam said that she loves the end of class parties.  After the students have finished a course, they celebrate with  a party, food, and fun.  Yep that sums up Sam, a happy, joyful, smiley girl.  She was cracking me up. Sam has 2 cats that she left with friends on the island.  Sam is studying horticulture, crops and gardening to use on the island.

Paul replied that he enjoyed meeting and hosting the conference for the island education department.   Paul said “It was on all the news, radio and newspapers. Paul is an accomplished photographer and drummer.


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