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Mr. & Mrs. Johnston

Nathan and Chelsea (Pearson) are now Mr. & Mrs. Johnston.  Their special date was June 4, 2016 at Ranchland Hills Golf Course, Midland TX.  You may remember their engagement session here.

The decor had a unique West Texas flair, including wooden barrels with stunning floral arrangements by Becky’s Flowers in Midland, TX.  I loved the succulents in the bouquets and arrangements.  There was a succulent for every guest to take home as well.


Pearson-Johnston Wedding-50Pearson-Johnston Wedding-189Pearson-Johnston Wedding-191 copyPearson-Johnston Wedding-192Pearson-Johnston Wedding-194Pearson-Johnston Wedding-199 copy


Pearson-Johnston Wedding-196

Pearson-Johnston Wedding-221

Pearson-Johnston Wedding-225Pearson-Johnston Wedding-232Pearson-Johnston Wedding-234Pearson-Johnston Wedding-244Pearson-Johnston Wedding-246Pearson-Johnston Wedding-248Pearson-Johnston Wedding-253Pearson-Johnston Wedding-256Pearson-Johnston Wedding-261Pearson-Johnston Wedding-262Pearson-Johnston Wedding-263Pearson-Johnston Wedding-266Pearson-Johnston Wedding-267Pearson-Johnston Wedding-269Pearson-Johnston Wedding-274

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Flower Girl

Flower Girl – In 1961 I had the honor of being a flower girl in Jerry and Mamie Roberts wedding in Roswell, New Mexico.  The colors were a soft lavender.  I don’t look very happy in the photo, and I don’t really remember the day, but I just know that the day is a special part of my story.  I mean look at that dress and hat.  And I have fought those curls all my life.

I prepared the hymn page by adding some random scrapbook papers, I then spread some white gesso in the middle.  I scanned the photo.  Then enlarged it, cut my self  out of the group and glued to the page.  The song is called “I Know who Holds Tomorrow”   I love the chorus:

Many things about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand, but I know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand.

Here are the supplies and links that I used on this page.

Van Gogh watercolors – I found them in a tube on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I prefer to purchase individual colors. The colors are very saturated so they last a long time.

Neo Color II watercolors- These are my absolute favorite watercolors.  Absolutely beautiful colors.  Make sure you order the “II”  They can be diluted to a soft pastel or as vibrant as you wish.  They are great to splatter as well.

After all the colors were totally, used a Sakura Pigma Micron 05 and 08 for the details.  Love these pens.  Don’t use in wet paint or you will ruin the tips.

The white pen is Uni-ball SIGNO UM 153.  I love this pen for highlighting…when it works.  It can be a bit temperamental sometimes.  Again, don’t use on wet paint as it will clog.  You may prefer to get your highlights with white acrylic or a white ink.

My mom, Wanda Fulkerson Srader is on the far left and my dad, Forest Srader is on the far right. The other flower girl and all of the ring bearers and junior groomsmen are my cousins.

Since I love photography, as well, this photo is fascinating to me.  I mean this guy used film.  And his lighting inside a dark church…I’m impressed.  We have it so easy with digital.


I found this large print hymnal at a used book store.  It is the perfect size and has strong sewn binding, so it holds up to all the art bulk.

The text is from a tiny notebook of a photographer’s travel notes and camera settings.



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Three Peas in a Pod

Three Peas in a Pod – This is my sister, Donya Doolin, our mom, Wanda Fulkerson Srader and me.  We met up this past weekend to attend a Girl’s Getaway in Roswell, NM.  My mom is 83…I Know, unbelievable.  I sure hope I age as gracefully has she does.

I had the rings made out of my mom’s silver spoons that she received for a wedding gift 54 years ago.  They were made by The Jersey Lilly, Post, TX.  I couldn’t find a website, but I have her contact if you are interested in having her design a piece for you.  I met her at Petticoats on the Prairie a couple years ago.  This is a real fun show of flea market and hand made items.  Go check them out.



The silver pattern is called Daffodil.  You can see I had a bracelet made for mom as well.  My dad’s beautiful roses.Girl

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Girl’s Getaway 2016

Girl’s Getaway 2016

This weekend I met with an amazing group of women who are my friends…they are my family.  Sisters, cousins, nieces, aunts and my mom came from Colorado, Texas, Arizona and around New Mexico.  This will always be a time of precious memories.   Two days of loving on each other and Jesus.  We talked, ate, journaled, painted, praised, sang, laughed, listened to the Word of God, prayed  and cried together.

We started on Friday with lunch at my cousin’s amazing home in Roswell, NM.  Lynette, has a gift of hostess with the most-est.  She has carried aunt Modell’s wooden spoon with gumption.  She planned all the meals for us and we graciously ate.

After lunch we spent some time talking about Bible Journaling and I taught some basic art journaling techniques.  You will see some of the amazing pages below.  It is always so fun to see what appears on the pages of journals.

Friday evening Suzette and Jessica sang Shoulders.  Oh I love this song.  The words have been such a comfort to me this year.  You may see the For King and Country music video here.  Lyrics to “Shoulders” are here.  I may or may not  have shed some tears.

We then had a powerful, sweet time of worship led by Stefanie, Mamie, Jill, and Suzette.  The voices, the harmony, the talent…oh so good…but the sweet presence of Jesus…beyond words.  And, yes I admit, I did shed big-ole-raindrops-from-heavean-ugly-cry-face cleansing, healing tears.  God met us right there in that room with the New Mexico sunset pouring in the windows.  Women from all walks of life…young mommies, wives, career women,  single women, & grandmas began to surrender broken hearts as Stefanie led I Surrender.  Lives were changed. Brokenness was mended.  He makes all things new.  He brings Restoration.

Sweet cousin, Jill then taught on Psalm 23.  So many nuggets.

Saturday we were delighted to have the creative, Nola teach us how to make chalkboard trays.  These were so cute and fun!  See photos below.  You will love this idea.


Left to right top:  Michelle Sather, Meigan Sahlstrom, Megan Burnett, Stefanie Howard, Mamie Roberts, Donya Doolin, Ione Grim, Donna Todd, Wanda Srader, Nancy Martinez

Bottom left to right:  Jessica Hronich holding Genevieve, Suzette Srader, Jill Jamison, Kara Martinez, Lynette Rhoads



Thanks Nancy for taking the photo for me.


Our theme for the weekend…He Restores My soul.  Psalm 23:3



My sister and  having supper at Peppers before Girl’s Getaway gets started.IMG_1276

“R” is for Rhonda and host home Rhoads.


Chalkboard Trays we made.  Thanks to Danny and Nola for building them for us!  Nola is an amazing art teacher.



Nancy shared her testimony of her miracle.


Meigan’s canvas.IMG_1333IMG_1334Girl

Nola’s beautiful sample.  Love the little metallic bird.  Artist trade secrets.


Nola helping my mom, Wanda sand her tray.


Lynette decided that art is stressful.  But she did great!Girl


Suzette is a Oma to sweet Genevieve…grandmother??? I know!Girl


My mom, Wanda (r) and her little sister, Mamie (l).  Aren’t they the cutest?



Oldest and the youngest, Wanda and great grand daughter, Genevieve

Wanda, Mamie, Donna


Mamie and daughter, StefanieGirlIMG_1284IMG_1287

My sister, Donya and aunt MamieIMG_1290IMG_1291IMG_1292IMG_1293IMG_1294





I love how Mamie is smiling the whole time she is sanding.  So cute.IMG_1317IMG_1319

Thank you so much Nola.  Such a great project!  The girls loved working on their chalkboard trays.IMG_1320IMG_1321IMG_1322IMG_1323



Nothing like sisters!  Megan and Jessica.JessnMeg





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