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Lane & Jace Twins

Lane and Jace, Twins were absolutely delightful.  They are 11 months, so mom Tiffany and Grandma, Tammy brought them over to get ready for the big “ONE” year celebration.

It is so fascinating to see the different personalities and expressions from each boy.  Loved seeing their individuality.  Jace would smile so big and get so excited, while Lane was more serious, but would end up joining in on the fun.  They both have a amazing eyes.  I asked Tiffany, how do you tell them apart and she said their hair is parted on different sides.  Lane’s hair is parted on the right, so I mused…”Always stay in the right lane.”

Jace and Lane had a blast with the balloons, and thought it was so fun to bat at them.  They had us in stitches.  And they both love cake!  Loved these two!

Happy Birthday Jace and Lane!


It was tough getting them to stay on the suitcases.

Troutz Twins-11

Bath hair after the cake.

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