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King’s Kids – March 2013

Introducing a unique & original photo session for March 2013…King’s Kids.

I was thinking one day about how we are all children of the king.  No matter what color we are, no matter if we are scrubbing floors or all dolled up, no matter how rich or how poor we are, we are all children of the King.  So I got my friend, Channon Gregg from Stitches by Channon to design these beautiful tutus.  I ordered handmade crowns from “If the Crown Fits” for the girls.  I made the boy’s crowns.  I didn’t figure they would be too excited about a lacy crown. Larry Elder (Wet Paint) distressed the beautiful doors and shudders.

Larry found the settee in the alley, all busted and broken. The fabric was filthy, but we had vision for this baby.  He tried to repair the legs and the wood was so old they would just split and splinter.  So I came up with the idea to just stabilize it with chunky 2×4’s and we would have them put a skirt around the bottom.   I found the quilts at antique shops and had it recovered by Acosta Upholstery/Odessa TX.  These guys rock! I think they get a kick at this silly, white girl bringing in my dainty little furniture, but they always come through for me.  And they are so fast.

Isn’t she beautiful? (Yes I call my settee a she)  I have wanted one for so long and I’m just delighted.  We love to re-purpose & upcycle.  It just feels so great to make something new out of something old.  Can’t believe someone threw it away.  See you just have to have a little vision and Wah La. Ta Da!

During the entire photo session, I would tell each child that he is a child of the King.  And then I would have them repeat it back to me…”I’m a King’s Kid”   Then the moms and kids would giggle.  I think I even heard an “Amen” from time to time.  I wanted to show these babies how special they are, how loved they are.  I wanted them to know that no matter what– God loves them!

Melissa told me that Faith had struggled with the way she looks and always wanted to make her hair lay down.  A little girl at school had even told her that her hair was nappy.  Oh brother.  So I took this opportunity to exhort and  build up this beautiful child of the King.  I kept telling her how beautiful her hair was and that I wanted to see it bigger and fuller.  Oh she has the most beautiful set of ringlet curls, I’ve ever seen.  It is certainly not nappy.

Special thanks to all the sweet models:

Faith Mancha, age 7, granddaughter of Melissa Mancha

Toben Petree, age 8, son of Holly Ann Petree

Andrew Tyree, age 7, son of Christy Tyree

Aura Jade Rose, almost age 3, daughter of Kristi Pool & John Gannon

As you can see they were absolutely amazing!!  They make that settee look soooooo good, don’t you think?

Email me quick…to grab your spot for your King’s Kids:  My calendar will fill up fast in March.


Meet Aura Jade Rose



I told Aura, “Okay, this is the last one,” and when I said ,”TA-DA!”

She mimicked me by saying “TA-DA”!


Introducing Faith Lonora


Funny Lil’ Man Andrew

Classy King Toben


Andrew had a loose tooth!  Toben & Faith offering a little assistance.


King’s Kids can be buds!



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