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Ian, Ally & Andrew Surprise Proposal

Well this was a first.  And a very exciting first, I might add.

We were scheduled for a family of 3 photo session at I-20 Wildlife Preserve.  That’s nice.  A sweet couple, Ian Bowling and Ally Smith with typical, energetic, ring tail tooter, red-headed, four year old, Andrew.  Nice evening, beautiful sunflowers, walking along, capturing the family hugging and lounging on an old quilt.  Okay let’s move further down the trail.

Ian walks up beside me, and whispers, “I’m going to propose.”  Okay I’m old, I’m hearing impaired and I don’t always get it right, so even though I heard him, I wanted to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.


“I’m going to propose”  I guess I was little taken aback as I didn’t know they weren’t married.  Never assume…never.  So I’m all giddy and …Okay…just give me a signal.  We catch up to Larry, while Ally is walking ahead with speedy Andrew on an exploration.  I tell Larry and he tells Ian, “give us a signal.”

Ian says he will act like he’s going to tie his shoe.

So…We are walking, taking photos, cutting thru shortcut trails, trying to keep up with Andrew and I’m keeping an eagle eye on Ian.  We stop at the pond (it actually had water this time.)  Larry is talking and entertaining Andrew and all of sudden- Surprise! Andrew drops down on one knee.  Whoa…you aren’t tying your shoe.  I take a quick shot and start pounding on Larry’s shoulder…it’s happening and he’s not paying attention.  I’m snapping, snapping.  Larry puts his camera around my neck and says I will distract Andrew, or rather keep up with him.

So I have two camera around my neck and praying to God that my settings are right switching from one to the other (35mm and 24-70 mm).  Ian’s talking softly and Ally is wiping tears from her eyes.  YES!  Tears!

He pops open the little white box, I’m snapping.  I move around to see her face.  She’s smiling and wiping tears and she is nodding her head up and down….YES, yes, yes.

I asked Ally if she had a clue or any hint that this was going to happen and she said not at all.  Needless to say we got photos of some of the best smiles and joyfulness the rest of the evening.

So honored and excited to have been there for Ian and Ally.  Congrats to you both.


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