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Chandelier (Chandy) Upcycle – Prop

It was in Laurie Anna’s in Canton, TX.  It was beautiful, unique, and creative.  I loved it and I wanted it.  But, sadly it was not for sale.  The creative designer/owner had placed a gorgeous chandelier (chandy) on the top of a vintage (not old) plant stand.

Lightbulb moment…that would be a perfect prop.  That would be exactly what I need when I have little clients.  That would be perfect to move around the studio, or even in the back yard. But, alas, the plant stand wasn’t for sale.  I was told she had purchased it years ago and had never seen another one like it. So, I had a mission to find a plant stand similar.

I was antiquing in Georgetown, TX with my sweet sister in law, Billie and found one.  I was chippy, vintage white with some green showing through.  Yep, this will do, this will do just fine.  Now all I needed was a chandy. My little brother, Dickie Srader, had mentioned that he had a chandy in his garage that he had replaced for a customer.  I am proud of my little brother is is a”fine” electrician.  His company is called Selectric in Albuquerque if you ever need something re-wired by a “fine” electrician.

Anyway when I was at his daughter’s wedding a couple weekends ago, he said, “Don’t forget I have that chandelier for you.”  Yay!  I was excited.  It was brass shaped branches with all these darling (well I think they are darling) little prisms.  Larry calls them, those glass things. It has twelve candle shaped fixtures with fake drips.

So we load it up.  My sweet hubs spray paints it and Dan (our helper) rewires it for me.  We found the cutest 7 1/2 w flame bulbs at Lowes. I added some pearl beads for filler.  I know it is a little wonky, crooked, but I love it.  It’s quirky (I think I made up that word) like me.  But I love the sweet, soft radiance.  It is ambient and brings ambiance. It’s vintage, shabby, chippy, peely off white, warm and  rich. (well I think so)

And Guess what…it fits perfectly on top of the plant stand.  So I present to you my new lighting prop….

The Chandelier (Chandy) Upcycle

Thanks Sweet Little Brother, Dickie.

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