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Blakely and Barcena Family

Meet Randy & Carrie Blakely, their beautiful daughters, Brittney Barcena, Kelli Blakely, and Bailie Timmons.  Along for the fun are Britney’s hubs, Tyler and their sweetie,  18 month old Blakleigh and Bailie’s boyfriend, Logan Lane.

Loved all the bright colors.  They sure photographed beautifully.  Love, color as you well know.

It was such an honor to do this photo session with them.   They were great sports in spite of the bright sun and mosquitos.  Tee hee.  Blakleigh got tired of the whole event but was fine as long as she had her hot pink blankey.

Guess who everyone adores? You got it…Blakleigh!

So much pretty in one family. Wow!

Cuteness Supreme. Oh yeah.

Brittney, Tyler and Blakleigh

Sweet Carrie and Randy…love their pink.  Pink is hot on men!  Love it.

Bailie and Logan



Look at those crocodile tears…with a laugh. Little comic.







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