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Bishop Girl’s Tea Party

Bishop Girl’s Tea Party – Harper Bishop turned 2, so she decided (well, really her grandmother, Sharon Bishop decided) to have a tea party with her big sister, Mallie and her best friends.

As the girls arrived, Sharon escorted them to a very special dress-up room with hats, purses, and jewelry.  The jewelry and hats all belonged to Harper and Mallie’s great grandmother (Sharon’s mother)  So special!

They were so cute as they thoughtfully made their choices.  Harper decided she is not a “hat-girl”  And that’s ok.  It just shows you have fashion sense as young as “2”

After dress up the girls went to the patio for a tea party and individual photos with a vintage/antique phone.  They were so cute when I would say talk on the phone.  They would look at me as if to say, “That’s not a phone!”

Special guests were Big Sister, Mallie, 5 also celebrating her upcoming birthday in July,  Hallie Brazelton 3 1/2, Molly Baxter 2 1/2 and Camdyn Whitaker 3 1/2.



Sharon Bishop 15-6Sharon Bishop 15-13Sharon Bishop 15-17Sharon Bishop 15-22Sharon Bishop 15-23

Sisters, Mallie and Harper

Sharon Bishop 15-28

Sharon Bishop 15-29Sharon Bishop 15-30Sharon Bishop 15-31Sharon Bishop 15-32Sharon Bishop 15-34Sharon Bishop 15-35Sharon Bishop 15-36Sharon Bishop 15-37Sharon Bishop 15-38Sharon Bishop 15-39Sharon Bishop 15-40Sharon Bishop 15-42Sharon Bishop 15-43Sharon Bishop 15-46Sharon Bishop 15-49Sharon Bishop 15-50Sharon Bishop 15-58Sharon Bishop 15-63Sharon Bishop 15-74Sharon Bishop 15-84Sharon Bishop 15-86Sharon Bishop 15-89Sharon Bishop 15-90Sharon Bishop 15-95Sharon Bishop 15-96Sharon Bishop 15-103Sharon Bishop 15-117Sharon Bishop 15-128Sharon Bishop 15-133Sharon Bishop 15-145Sharon Bishop 15-153Sharon Bishop 15-166Sharon Bishop 15-169Sharon Bishop 15-176Sharon Bishop 15-192Sharon Bishop 15-197Sharon Bishop 15-202Sharon Bishop 15-208Sharon Bishop 15-224Sharon Bishop 15-227Sharon Bishop 15-228Sharon Bishop 15-241Sharon Bishop 15-245Sharon Bishop 15-247Sharon Bishop 15-248Sharon Bishop 15-250Sharon Bishop 15-259Sharon Bishop 15-266Sharon Bishop 15-267Sharon Bishop 15-269Sharon Bishop 15-279Sharon Bishop 15-284Sharon Bishop 15-299Sharon Bishop 15-309Sharon Bishop 15-350Sharon Bishop 15-351



Mommies left to right – Abby Bishop & Mallie, Sharon Bishop, Kendra Baxter & Molly, Kasey Brazelton & Hallie, Kendra Whitaker & Camdyn, Harper Bishop

All the mommies have known each other since they were young.  Such special and rare friendships!

Sharon Bishop 15-373Sharon Bishop 15-383

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