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Larry & Rhonda Elder

Better Together – Larry and Rhonda Elder

We are a creative team.  This is my best friend, c0-thinker, builder, maker of all things creative .  We are Better Together!

Art brings me Joy.  Art makes me Smile. And, I love to create Personal, Unique,  Artistic photos.  I love to create original sets for different themes.

If you look around you will see art in everything…how the rain hits the pavement, the colors that a 5 year chooses to wear to school, how a chef dresses a plate, how meticulate a manicurist paints your nails.  Seriously I will see art in my head even while I’m singing a song.  The words turn into art.

I love to decorate and accessorize homes that reflect personal taste. Thats a form of art.

I love shopping (or looking) as it inspires my artist’s eye for canvases, photos and decorating.

I love thumbing through old books which inspire me for my next mixed media canvas.

I love to repurpose Flea Market, Garage Sale and Thrift finds into new loved treasures or props.

I love to ask Larry, “Can you make this”  and he says, “I can figure it out.”  Just wait until you see his handiwork too!

I love playing with light, whether it’s sunbeams coming through the clouds, light reflecting on a subject, or off camera flash…what a fun way to create art.  I had a professor or challenged us to always look for the light.  And then reflect it, scoop it,

I love painting with watercolors, Bible Journaling, and big canvases.

I love FAMILY! My best friends are my sweet daughters, sons, my mom and dad, and amazing husband. Larry, my best friend and husband also assists in photo sessions. He brings the “Larry Factor” to make the kids smile and the groom  calm. I keep telling him that he’s out to get my job as he can rock the shot on his Canon 7D as well as me…sometimes better.  Yes, I’m a Canon girl. Love my 7D!

I couldn’t and wouldn’t do any thing without my Faith in Jesus Christ. I am a God worshiping, Jesus loving, faithful church attending Believer!




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