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A Princess Named Snow-Ella

Once upon a time there was a princess named Snow-Ella.  She loved to dress up and wear pretty shoes.  Her giggles were contagious and she delighted to hug and show her love to everybody.  She loved to sing and dance and twirl in her fancy dress.

Ella was wandering through the forest one day gathering berries to make pies for her wee friends at the cottage, when she was met by an evil queen.  The queen offered her a beautiful shiny apple.  Ella was a little hesitant to eat it…but she was hungry from her long walk into the dark forest. Hmmmm…should she or not? An apple is a healthy snack, right?

One bite of the poisonous apple and Snow-Ella was fast asleep….never to wake again…unless…unless….wait for it…unless she could hear her favorite Southern Gospel soloist, Kim Hopper (click here to hear Kim and wake up Snow-Ella)

Alas, a happy ending…Snow-Ella awakens to a very happy family and friends.




Ella in the Christmas Bed!


Ella & her beautiful mom Alexis.








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