Stephanie & Peytiin

Stephanie and Peytiin were so delightful.  I mean how could I go wrong with that much beauty and sweetness in front of my lens.  I started telling Pey that she had sass the way she could strike a pose and with that prissy walk of hers.  She cracked me up when she said ,”I’m a princess” in a sing-songy voice as she held out the hem of her dress and pranced around.  Too much cuteness!

Peytiiin is 4 going on 14 and I fell in love with her.  So glad she wasn’t shy with us this time.  Her mother, Stephanie radiates beauty and has such a merciful, loving heart towards her sweet baby girl and animals.  She is a special lady that seems to love to rescue God’s creatures.  She brought Adrian, who is paralyzed in her back legs but gets around fine.


Stephanie Coleman 6 5x7 682x1024 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 15 5x7 551x1024 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 25 8x10 682x1024 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 35 8x10 682x1024 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 52 5x7 682x1024 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 60 8x10 802x1024 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 156 7x10 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 170 8x10jpg Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 187 8x10 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 195 8x10 682x1024 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 236 8x10 682x1024 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 246 834x1024 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 251 8x10 847x1024 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 258 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 278 Stephanie & PeytiinStephanie Coleman 425 Stephanie & Peytiin

Stephanie - October 11, 2014 - 10:47 pm

Thank you so so much for capturing these moments with my babies :) it means so much !!

Madeline Madrid turns “One”

So thrilled to be able to see sweet Madeline Madrid who will be turning “One” soon.  I took her newborn photos last year here.  She is still so dainty and sweet.

Her mom, April brought her dressed in the cutest little blossom butt.  She also made the beautiful pink rose cake.  She was so smart to put meringue in the frosting so it wasn’t nearly as messy.  Madeline was cute trying to take a bite out of it.  She just dove right in.

Larry built the giant one for me a couple years ago.  She didn’t want to sit too long on it as walking is just so much more fun.


Happy Birthday, Madeline!

Madeline Madrid 3 5x7 682x1024 Madeline Madrid turns OneMadeline Madrid 14 Madeline Madrid turns OneMadeline Madrid 33 8x10 749x1024 Madeline Madrid turns OneMadeline Madrid 45 5x7 682x1024 Madeline Madrid turns OneMadeline Madrid 53 8x10 938x1024 Madeline Madrid turns OneMadeline Madrid 74 4x6 Madeline Madrid turns OneMadeline Madrid 93 4x6 682x1024 Madeline Madrid turns OneMadeline Madrid 103 682x1024 Madeline Madrid turns OneMadeline Madrid 139 Madeline Madrid turns One

“Art Up” the Blog

Art Up: to improve the aesthetic quality of (something) through some form of art. –

We decided to “Art Up” the blog at Rhonda Elder Designs

No I am not quitting photography.

I love getting behind the lens too much!

No I am not closing Wet Paint. (click to see our work)

Yes I am adding Art to this blog.  All kinds of “art forms”.  I am here to “Art Up” this blog.

For over 11 years we have had a decorative painting company called Wet Paint.  The community has blessed us with success.  We have painted on many walls and still are!

Over the years I have taken custom orders for art on canvas and my continued love for art has just grown.

In the past 6 months, we have added canvas painting classes, furniture painting classes and decorative wall painting classes to our agenda.  As if we didn’t have enough to do already.  But we love to create and we love people, so we decided to combine the two. Hey we are still young.  There will be more on the blog about all these classes.

One exciting event on our calendar is we have been accepted as vendors at Petticoats on the Prairie in Levelland, TX on October  17 & 18, 2014.  Check out their site and Facebook page here.  We would love to have to join us and stop by our booth.

We are honored and spending every spare evening and weekend making stuff like this:


These are my latest design and I have already had several orders for them.  Larry is making frames for them out of old distressed wood, that we pulled off an old house.

I will take custom orders, as many are wanting special hymns.  These are watercolor on vintage hymnals that I find online and thrift stores.

17 copy 2 719x1024 Art Up the Blog

I’ve had a lot of fun painting these boots with wildflowers on black backgrounds.  I love how the colors pop on that black.

White boot camel boot 9 806x1024 Art Up the BlogWhite boot camel boot 3 798x1024 Art Up the Bloguntitled 38 Art Up the Bloguntitled 28 Art Up the Blog



A mixed media on canvas.  Gatsby Girl.

She will not Fall 662x1024 Art Up the Blog


This canvas was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest here.  I love all the movement and contrast.  Check it out

and while you are there, start following me, please!

Pink Boot jar of zinias 13 Art Up the Blog



I have taken several online classes this year and they have stretched me to get out of the box!  This mixed media canvas is

called Key Women.  She was inspired by this article by Ann Voskamp here.  I will share later on links to some of my favorite teachers and online classes.

I decided this girl reminds me of a brunette, artist, Jeanne Oliver.  She is an amazing artist with some great business courses as well.

Key Women 12 copy 2 830x1024 Art Up the Blog


And of course I have to throw in a little whimsey.  Meet Dottie the Bovine,  a mixed media that I created for Petticoats on the Prairie!

I know there will be someone that can’t live without her.

Dottie 3 copy 813x1024 Art Up the Blog

I have always loved, loved, loved flowers, so they are reflected in my art on canvas, mixed media,  and watercolor.

These will be in all sizes and prices and I take custom orders. This one sold but I have prints available.

18 copy 743x1024 Art Up the Blog

I’m also on a bird trend right now and love to incorporate inspirational quotes and scripture.

This one was done on an old cabinet door.  Upcycle Baby!

19 copy 575x1024 Art Up the Blog

I’m really enjoying sketching, drawing and a newfound love for watercolor.  I saw a photograph of this girl on a bike and decided to make it into art.

20 copy 3 Art Up the Blog

This is Mixed Media.  I offer these classes at churches in homes for parties or in my studio.

Mixed media is simply using more than one medium on a surface.  For instance, paper, book pages, glue, stamps, scrapbook paper, rub-ons, stencils  and of course acrylic paint.

 It is so fun! You should schedule a class!

22 copy 838x1024 Art Up the Blog25 copy Art Up the Blog

Watercolor is a great way to soften my art.  Love this vintage theme of wildflowers in a canning jar.

251 664x1024 Art Up the Blog37 copy 2 641x1024 Art Up the Blog

As I said I love inspirational quotes and this is one of my favorites right now.

boot daughter 3 copy 801x1024 Art Up the Blog

I also love to  paint on all kinds of surface.  I found three of these heavy cast iron plates at Round Top Antiques Week last fall, 2013.  (if you haven’t gone yet, plan on it, so fun!)

The seller had no idea what they were but thought maybe from a heater.  I don’t really care what they are as they painted up beautifully.

I found easels on and they are a perfect pair.

untitled 25 copy 648x1024 Art Up the Blog



This gives you an idea of the variety and diversity of our art. Tomorrow I will share what Larry is creating.  You will love it!!!!!  It will light up your life.



F a c e b o o k